Cheap Beach Vacations

By | May 10, 2023

How to have a great family beach adventure on a small vacation budget!For many families the current economical climate means sacrifices when it comes to holidays and family vacations. However there are a few things you can do to save money and travel with your family. A great vacation alternative is to plan an inexpensive beach vacation. By staying closer to home your family can spend more time together without spending more money. The US has many ideal locations for cheap beach vacations such as Virginia, Myrtle and Huntington Beach. If you and your family are planning a beach get-away and are trying to explore on a budget here are a few tips to use;Surf the Web before surfing the waves!By having a look online you and your family could save big bucks while on vacation. From discounted airfare to children’s meal vouchers, the web contains endless coupons and saving sites you can use. By simply searching the main website for your vacation location you could discover great discount deals and you will also be able to shop around, compare costs and ensure that you receive the lowest prices available for lodging, attractions and entertainment.Book a kitchen!Many beach vacation resorts offer fully furnished suites which include a completely functional kitchen. These lodging establishments may seem pricey compared to a regular hotel but they offer you the option to cook rather than eat out. By avoiding high restaurant prices and returning to your suite for major meals, your family can save money and possibly afford admissions to more amusement parks or you may want to purchase a few more sentimental souvenirs!Bike or Hike!One of the greatest ways to save money while on vacation is to pass on public transit and taxi services. Make sure when booking your hotel or resort to choose an establishment that is within walking distance to most of the attractions you want to see. Another great way to get around is to contact a local bicycle rental and tour company! Your family will love to explore and discover while on a two-wheeled tour!Sand and Surf are Free!Remember, you chose a beach vacation for a reason. To save money consider all of the advantage that a beach has to offer for free. For example, organize your own sandcastle competition, collect shells to bring home, watch the water for signs of whales and dolphins or go snorkeling.  There are countless things to do while on the beach and you and your family can make the memories of a lifetime without spending a dime!